Google plus: Carrollton Chiropractic and Massage

October 12, 2017 | 186 Comments

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  1. Maria H says:

    Great massage! I will be back and recommend to my family and friends!

  2. Yifang L says:

    Very good experience.

  3. Susana R says:

    Great massage, with an excellent service. Highly recommended!

  4. Wanda C says:

    Great and attentive massage.

  5. Angel says:

    It was a great experience I got the hour long combo. Great relaxing message very nice!

  6. Umais Ahmed S says:

    It’s all good that’s it

  7. Basirat A says:

    Awesome and very professional

  8. Jasmine S R says:

    Wonderful experience!

  9. LaFrieda E G says:

    The foot massage was real good. But, I would suggest beautifying the office.

  10. Jyoti T says:

    Very good and professional, felt very relaxed !!

  11. Ernando T says:

    Dr. Mark was great, can’t say enough about him, he took me minutes after I injured my back at the gym and I felt 10 times better after I left there.

  12. Trecia M says:

    Very good massage and not a long wait… however the price on groupon is just the introductory price.

  13. Steven S says:

    Don’t go anywhere else, this place is the best!

  14. Sophy V L says:


  15. Art D says:

    I’ve suffered from back and hip issues for years and Dr. Mark’s adjustment along with the therapeutic massage has been the best.

  16. Jennifer T says:

    My appointment was easy to book and ran right on time. The massage therapist was excellent. I will look forward to booking another appointment here.

  17. Kortni B says:

    Anne gave me the best professional massage I have EVER had! I’ve already booked another. Everyone was very courteous as well. Highly recommended!

  18. Barbara S says:

    John was very polite and made sure I was comfortable. He used the right amount of pressure. The setting is very plain but quite sufficient. Something I had never seen before. . .he wiped the lotion off my feet with warm towels. Nice!

  19. John J says:

    Each time I go I am greeted in a very nice manner. They are happy to see me. I tell Mark where I have been hurting and he listens. When I leave I always feel better than when I walked in. I to was surprised to hear Christian music in the room. I have talked about this place when I talked to other people about back pain. Price is very reasonable and great staff.

  20. Sierra Y T says:

    John was excellent great Massage will be back this month. Very attentive and listened to my concerns and made me feel so much better! Definitely a superb massage experience!

  21. Rakesh K says:

    Very professional and detailed. Highly recommended!

  22. Linda N P says:

    I had an hour reflexology session and it was wonderful. The reflexologist was very skilled and courteous. Everyone in the office was helpful and professional. I give 5 stars and encourage others to benefit from this service.

  23. Monique M A says:

    It was nice. I like that the masseuse explained what he was going to do before touching each section of my neck and back. It helped me relax some.

  24. Rahim M says:

    Good Job

  25. Anne M R says:

    Massage therapist provided a great, relaxing massage.

  26. Ajith V K says:

    The massage was great and the masseuse was perceptive. The doctor gave me good information on spine health and the adjustments helped me feel better.

  27. Kathi A M says:

    I did the reflexology/massage combination, and it was wonderful!

  28. Erika M B says:

    I bought the foot reflexology. I went into the massage room & it went downhill from there. The lighting was too bright, the temperature was too cold, my masseuse kept yawning and taking long pauses while massaging me which led me to believe she was falling asleep. The masseuse did not put enough effort in the massage. There was loud banging in the next room and I heard everything outside the room.

  29. Laliene C says:

    Easy scheduling and friendly personnel. Will definitely come back.

  30. Royeni T says:

    Really like this place. The masseuse is nice and took out all my knots. The doc is very thrurough and they have more technologies than my other chiropractor that I used to go to. Very happy with this place. Def will be back

  31. Sean O C says:

    Great experience! I really appreciate what they did. I feel much better. I have been going here for 15 years when I first saw Dr Tignor, sorry to he of him passing.
    Still feel very comfortable going in.

  32. Irene P P says:


  33. Alex N says:

    Dr. Mark and his staff are excellent at what they do and exceeded my expectations!! Best in Carrollton by far!

  34. Michele D B says:

    The doctor, adjustment, and therapies were great. The massage was not.

  35. Lily L says:

    Good customer service on phone and in person. Massage person was polite and professional. Session was therapeutic.

  36. Tiffany V G says:

    I got the foot massage. Everyone was nice and I only had to wait less than 5 minutes. Erick did a wonderful job. He made sure I was comfortable and that the pressure was good. I will definitely be making another appointment for a full body massage.