Google plus: Carrollton Chiropractic and Massage

October 12, 2017 | 210 Comments

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  1. Patti L V says:

    Foot massage was great John did an exceptional job, even massaged my hands

  2. Jennifer N E says:

    Very good

  3. Stephanie A C says:

    Absolutely great experience. My massage therapist was awesome. The staff was very professional and provided great customer service. I already planned my next massage.

  4. Sanjay R says:

    By far this has been the best back and feet massage I ever received. John is a great masseuse!

  5. Grayce R M says:

    I had the best massage experience today with my masseur. John was exceptionally great on how he massaged me. You can feel that he is passionate with what he does. I will definitely come back soon.

  6. Jay says:

    He did a good massage !!

  7. Heather R says:

    The massage was amazing and relaxing! Then the adjustment was the best I’ve had in the Dallas area. Mark the chiropractor was really informative and made sure I was educated on the spine and process of healing. I’ll definitely go back!!

  8. Justine G W says:

    Highly recommend.

  9. Michael H D says:

    Now I see why so many Asians and Hispanics go to see this clinic since the doctor is Asian and the staff speaks Spanish.

    He is very friendly and down-to-earth doctor.

    Once, I had a massage with their masseur who was amazing. I highly recommend their foot and back massage package.

  10. Heather R H says:

    The doctor educates you so much! He also looked over my X-rays very thoroughly, showing me areas of concern and exercises to help slow down spinal aging. Everything we went over explained different aches from my neck to hip so it was very cool to understand them from what’s going on in my body. We made a real treatment plan and I’m excited to take control of my overall wellness!
    Also, the staff is super nice and the massage therapist does amazing work like a calm and relaxing magic!