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October 12, 2018 | 229 Comments

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  1. Minal Patel says:

    I love Dr. Marco. He is so awesome. I came to him 5 years ago for a back injury resulting from doing Yoga. My right leg felt like ants walking all over it as it was totally numb. I went to several doctors who gave me medication only to find that my numbness got worse.

    After visiting Dr. Marco, he found that I had a pinched nerve. After 5 visits of receiving backcracking, my numbness was gone! It was a miracle! I couldn’t believe it. He never once imposed drugs on me. Now I see him regularly to take care of my back.

  2. Rubelyn Rodriguez says:

    I first visited Dr. Marco Abanico after a fall. I had excruciating pain in my tailbone and legs and found it difficult to walk due to tingling and do my business in the bathroom.

    The last thing I needed was another piece of medication because I was getting drowsy from the existing medication I was already taking.

    Then, Dr. Marco recommended to me an alternative to pain relief with his cold laser. After a few sessions with his flashlight-looking gadget and adjustments, my pain level was minimized. I was able to walk better without the tingling sensation though I do have some tingling. The tingling wasn’t severe as it was prior to seeing him. His cold laser flashlight thing was the neatest thing in technology I ever saw. When he used it on my tailbone, the pain went away.

    Dr. Marco is a God-send.

  3. Christy C says:

    Dr. Tignor and Dr. Abrinica are the best. Dr. Abrinica is so thorough with the adjustments and all other therapies that he provides. I feel so much better,just after one treatment. They have an amazing Massage Therapist, Suzy Coker. The staff are very professional. If your looking for a great chiroprator, come check them out. You will be so glad you did.

  4. Miguel Lobo Sanchez says:

    Dr. Abanico is a great, and I’ve been to several! Dallas has a lot of choices, and his office is upbeat and professional. Chiropractic keeps my spine healthy….through good and bad times. I work as a delivery driver and drive all over the city, and his care has really helped with my neck and back pain.

  5. Carlos Ortiz says:

    At my job, I work in a warehouse where I bundle mail and load up mail trucks when I hurt my back. I didn’t know what chiropractic was and went to see Dr. Marco thinking that I can get some pain pills.

    After receiving education on the benefits of chiropractic, I decided to give it a try since my job won’t allow me to work if I’m on medication anyway.

    His office staff was friendly and took care of all the necessary paperwork. After a few visits, I started feeling better in my back and stopped going thinking that I didn’t need to visit him anymore.

    Boy! Was I wrong! I thought I’d never have to see a chiropractor again. About a month later, I came back to see Dr. Marco again for more treatment sessions because my back pain returned. The fact that I started having relapses with my back problems only shows that I need to see a chiropractor on a regular basis to stay healthy.

    Dr. Marco explained that seeing a chiropractor is like seeing a dentist. Of course, I see a dentist to keep my teeth healthy, but I didn’t know that I should see a chiropractor to keep my back healthy.

    Thanks for the tips, Dr. Marco. You rock!

  6. Weldon Abraham says:

    I have had regular headaches for many years, and took Excedrin and Advil to help get rid of them. I even drank alcohol or Nyquil before going to bed at night. Then my family doctor diagnosed me with having mild liver problems because I drank too much alcohol.

    I didn’t know what to do. If I didn’t take headache pills or drink some whiskey before going to sleep at night, the headaches would keep me awake. Then I heard that my cousin was seeing a chiropractor who helped her with her headaches and recommended me to see Dr. Marco.

    So I visited a one Marco Abanico and thought to myself, “this guy is a quack. What could he possibly do for me if he doesn’t prescribe pills?” But I needed something to help rid the headache pain. Marco showed me the alternatives to traditional medication therapy and that chiropractic could help me be healthier.

    I gave this thing called chiropractic a try because I didn’t want to lose my liver.

    He did this thing with his hands where he grabbed my neck, moved it to one side, and made a popping sound. Then he did it again on the other side of my neck. Almost instantaneously, my years of headache pain WAS GONE!

    It was incredible! I never thought I could beat a headache with a quick popping of the neck. I told all my friends about this doctor and how awesome he is. He was friendly and professional and did a great job on ridding me of my headaches.

    Now I am a believer in chiropractic. Thanks, Dr. Marco.

  7. Amrita Suryadevera says:

    My neck pain kept me up at night. I couldn’t sleep. I tried Bengay and analgesic creams. It didn’t work because I stunk up the office where I work. I even tried those microwaveable heating pads around my neck and shoulders but that too was inconvenient because I’d have to make several trips to the kitchen at work throughout the day. I wanted something more natural so that I don’t have to carry disposable heating pads in my purse.

    Then a friend of mine who was seeing Dr. Mark for a whiplash pain from a car accident recommended me to see him. The doctor gave me some advice on how to improve my posture while working in front of a computer at work. He recommended that I avoid using high heels because that can throw my back and neck out of alignment. He also said that the weight of my purse can also contribute to my neck pain.

    Dr. Mark found that I had a bulging disc in my neck and asked if I had tingling in my arms and hands. I wondered, “how could he possibly know that?” since I never told him.

    Then he recommended me to try out this machine called a decompression table in his office. I call it a “torture rack” because the neck equipment made the back of my neck uncomfortable. Then he recommended that I tried out this gadget called a neck decompression harness where he strapped my neck in and pulled on my neck using a handlebar. Needless to say, that device felt MORE comfortable to me than his archaic torture rack.

    After about a 1 minute or 2 of gentle pulling with the neck device, I heard my neck crack. In fact, I felt a popping noise in my neck, my upper back….all the way down the lower part of my back!

    I screamed out, “OH MY GOD!” My neck pain was GONE! It was immediate relief. It was the first time in a long time that my pain was gone! Dr. Mark said somewhat to the effect that applying pulling sensation along the length of the spine can help stretch the spine and relieve pressure on these things called nerves. He referred to them as anatomical wiring.

    Nevertheless, Dr. Mark taught me parts of my body that I didn’t know existed. He maintained that proper back hygiene can minimize neck pain and that I should do exercises to help with his spine therapy.

    Dr. Mark is a good educator and doctor. My friend gave me a good recommendation to see him, and now I’ve told all my friends and family about him. Dr. Mark is the best.

  8. Marisa Valdez says:

    Marco Abanico is an awesome chiropractor! If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Dallas area, I highly recommend him. He is an excellent chiropractor who is willing and capable of helping you address your health challenges.

    My mother came in for a neck injury after an auto accident. She didn’t want just anybody but somebody who cares and can speak her native language of Spanish. Dr. Marco Abanico was able to explain to my mother all the treatment procedures he did on her without scaring her like other doctors do.

    After viewing his YouTube videos, I can tell he is well knowledgeable in his profession that he would take the time to educate the public through video. My mother and I recommend him to anybody in the Hispanic community.

  9. Rhea Balderas says:

    I have seen several chiropractors over the years, and Marc Abanico really stands out! He is not only professional and friendly but also extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his approach. He takes time to talk through issues, and understand the whole picture, not just rush you in and out in 10 minutes. He and his staff also seem to be constantly educating themselves to better serve their patients, which I also appreciate.

  10. Nia Tran says:

    (Translated from Vietnamese) After my car accident, I had severe migraine headaches. I went to see a pill doctor and his pills only made me sleepy. I couldn’t work and sleep.

    I asked a friend if she knew of any Vietnamese-speaking doctor who could help me and recommended me to see Dr. Marco.

    After meeting with Dr. Marco, I quickly became disappointed when I found out that he is not Vietnamese and thought that my friend was playing a joke on me since my English is very limited. But I decided to try out Dr. Marco’s office anyway since I heard so many good things about him.

    So he took me in as his patient and gave me treatment for my migraine headaches. He stretched me out on this weird bench where the foot end of the bench moves up and down like a dolphin tail while he put his hands on the back of my head to stretch my back out.

    The visit lasted about 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes were the best 5 minutes I’ve spent with ANY doctor because the doctor helped me get rid of my migraine headaches by doing this stroking procedure on my neck with his fingers.

    Going to a doctor’s office like his was the coolest experience because I never knew my neck could pop like that and make me feel better…all with no drugs or pills. Dr. Marco showed me that he cares about his patients regardless of the language barrier I had with him.

    His front desk assistant was helpful and even referred me to a law office who could handle my case so that I don’t have to handle it myself.

    Thank you so much for your magic hands, Dr. Marco.

  11. Samantha Moreno says:

    Dr. Mark Abanico and the massage therapist Suzi get two ecstatic thumbs up from me! I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but with 2 bulging discs, pinched nerves, regularly occurring migraines, and muscles so stressed they were pulling in every direction – my other doctors prescribed it.

    I was very clear out of the gate that I did not want to be married to these folks (it always seems as though you hear people who start going to a chiro always need to KEEP going to a chiro); I just wanted them to help me fix my problem.

    Well, Suzi (who is surely a magician) and Marco (super nice man) were definitely up to the task. I am happy to report that my results, along with their exceptional bedside manner, made my 20-minute drive well worth it ( and their business hours were a definite plus when I was recovering from my injury).

    It turns out I haven’t been in for treatment in 10-months (I’ll probably be scolded for that), but I’m having a little flair up (thanks to excessive stress and a good ‘zig’ when I should have ‘zagged’) and without hesitation placed a call for an appointment today.

    Imagine my surprise when Dr. Albanico answered the phone – and remembered who I was! Looking forward to my visit this afternoon because I know it will bring relief.

    Highly recommend.

  12. Suhani Sanchez says:

    I promised myself that I would never see a chiropractor again because the last one was very rough on me.

    But after pulling a muscle in my back after doing yard work, I quickly found myself at the doorstep of Dr. Marko’s office. The pain was unbearable. I told him that I don’t want my back snapped because of my experience with a previous chiropractor.

    Dr. Marko noted that my back muscles were too tight anyway for him to snap me. He used a machine on me that looked like a car polisher and put it on my back. The vibration loosened by back up and I didn’t have any more muscle tightness whatsoever.

    About a week later, Dr. Marko convinced me that he should snap my back like the other chiropractor did and promised that he wouldn’t be heavy on me since I’m a petite girl.

    He was right! Dr. Marko was gentle when he snapped my back. He consistently used the car buffer on my back before he snapped me out of back pain. I’m not sure that “snap” is the right term for what he does, but it felt great. He has the tools, technology, and patience to service the people.

    Now I do not fear chiropractors anymore because Dr. Marko was nurturing when he worked on me. All my friends and family go see Dr. Marko.

    Luv you, Dr. Marko.

  13. Glenn J says:

    Thanks for making my back and feet feel better. I woke up this morning in no pain while walking barefoot on my hardwood floors. Great massage, Suzie!!!! You, are the great little massage secret!!

  14. Anjali Chopra says:

    For years, I’ve had long-term low back pain before coming in to see Dr. Marco. I first saw him online and thought he knows a lot about spine pain.

    I called up his business and scheduled an appointment. He took me in to look me over and gave me my first procedure. He said to give chiropractic a try before he recommend me to see a pain pills doctor. I can’t stand medications.

    I felt better after he put me on this upside-down table (inversion table) where he clamped me by the ankles and let my back stretch out. Then he gave me my first adjustment. Immediately, my back felt great, but after a day or two the pain returned.

    After several visits to his office, he sent me to an MRI place where they did this scan on me because Dr. Marco thought there might be something else going on. The results showed that I had this thing where my L5 vertebra was not sitting on top of my S1 bone. He explained that my back bone had no support structure on which to stand like “a chair with no legs.” That is why I was in pain.

    Then he referred me to a pain management clinic where they wanted to do injections to which I refused. I was in so much pain and wanted to get out of it quick so I decided to get subsequent opinions.

    Over the course of the next few weeks, I went to two other chiropractors and showed them my MRI results. But both of them dismissed it as something that could be healed with chiropractic care. One chiropractor ended up hurting me after doing similar things that Dr. Marco did. The other chiropractor didn’t really explain why I was in so much pain but proceeded to administer treatment.

    Anyway, I ended up going to the pain management clinic where Dr. Marco referred me to start with pain relief injections. After 2 or 3 visits, they never worked and I’m now facing surgery.

    Of the three chiropractors I’ve been to, Dr. Marco was the best because he was very conservative in his approach to treating me AND he took the time to explain to me that my back pain was due to a mechanical problem. The other two doctors just wanted to get their hands on me and administer treatment. I didn’t really feel that I connected well with the other two doctors like I did with Dr. Marco. Now I know why he does so many videos moreso than any other chiropractor I’ve seen because he is very smart about explaining spine pain to people.

    If I were to recommend my friends and family, Dr. Marco is the guy to visit.

  15. Aruna Vanmalli says:

    I started having vertigo several years ago and took medications to alleviate them. Sometimes, I get struck with vertigo when I’m driving and have to pull over to wait for it to pass.

    About a month ago, I came in to see Dr. Mark and told him my situation. He confirmed that I had benign positional vertigo that affected my left ear.

    He researched my problem and gave me a solution. First he would pop my spine where I started feeling the room spinning. Then he had me do this special exercise in the end to fix my vertigo.

    He made me do this head exercise in his office and showed me how to do this same exercise when I’m at home.

    Almost immediately after doing this head procedure in his office, my vertigo was gone! Dr. Mark claimed to me that pieces of crystal he referred to as “ear rocks” were detached and swimming around in my inner ear, and they shouldn’t be doing that. As long as I keep doing this head procedure at home, I should be good. Had I known about this procedure, I would have saved thousands of dollars in time and energy getting dizziness pills the last 2 years.

    Thanks to Dr. Mark for showing me how to do this method of vertigo removal, I now can do without my dizziness pills and come to visit him for back care.

    Dr. Mark is the go-to man.

  16. Tracey Hummer says:

    My first impression upon showing up at the clinic is the scent. Immediately upon entering, a waft of peppermint filled my nose and made me feel like it is Christmas.

    The staff was very cordial. The doctor had good bedside manner. He will ask you if you feel comfortable with the therapies and check up on you every minute or so like a waiter who checks up on his customers.

    Compared to other places I’ve been, this clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment. The back-popping was gentle where the doctor explained everything before he gave me the pop.

    If you ask me, I definitely would go back to see this place again. They have a 9.5 out of 10 in my book.

  17. Rosa Perez says:

    Dr. Abanico was great. His staff was very friendly and polite. They were efficient, and I envy their ability to handle calls to the insurance company.

    Dr. A is always thorough, not only making patients feel at ease but also making sure to educate patients as to the importance of proper health care and how it affects the spine.

    Dr. A is great. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

  18. John*** * ****** says:

    The service I received helped to make my day pain-free. Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday, June 10th, 11 AM.


  19. Linda W says:

    Massage with Susan is amazing and Dr. Mark is thorough and concerned with making you feel better! My happiest find here in Carrollton in along time!!!!

  20. Rafael Cassell says:

    Best care I’ve ever received! Thank you!

  21. Aida Gaines says:

    Everyone was caring and helpful. Dr. Tignor would be pleased!

  22. Sabine R says:

    This is the only chiropractor that has been able to “fix” me. I started with a massage from Susie, she is a goddess to her craft. She found my knots immediately and is very personable. I have been to many massage salons, and speak from experience when I say Susie is the best ever. My treatment was followed by an adjustment from Dr. Mark, he was thorough and the only chiropractor I will ever use again. He is gentle but gets the job done. I had been to other chiropractic clinics in the past and been through a year of adjustments and treatments elsewhere with very little results. However, one session with Susie and Dr. Mark and I am pain-free. They are incredibly affordable too, which is very much appreciated.

  23. Pamela S says:

    Best chiropractic clinic in Carrollton, Texas! Thanks Suzie and Dr Mark

  24. Juan Garcia says:

    i had a great time with yall for the first time totally recommend it to every one

  25. Alex S says:

    I was recently in a car accident and I was recommended to Carrollton Chiropractic and it has been an amazing experience. First you’re greeted at the door with smiles and super friendliness all around. Marco was very Profesional, came and shook my hand, introduced himself and walked me through the whole process. Was extremely informative and answered most of my concerns before I had to ask. I come back every appointment excited to see the wonderful staff there. Great services at a great price. And what’s even better, they really get to know you and your problems, so it always feels homie coming back because you know the professional who is working on you, is already familiar with you and it makes the whole experience delightful. Karen the receptionist is the best, always super friendly and starting my days off right and Sue does magic with her hands on the massage table. Would recommend this place 10 out 10 times!!!

  26. Wanda Henry says:

    Keep doing a great job and making your customer feel special.

    Ms. Wanda Henry

  27. Crystal G says:

    You guys are all great!!

  28. Matthew B says:

    You guys are great!

  29. Simon Manuel S says:

    Everyone was great.

    Karen was very helpful and always answered all my questions.

    Dr. Marco is the best at what he does!

  30. Shwanda H says:

    Loved my time here at Carrollton Chiropractic. Dr Marco and the whole staff are professional and super friendly. Would recommend them always.

  31. Lynee R says:

    I have the most amazing experience everytime I go there. Dr. Marc is awesome.

    And the massages are to die for.

  32. Alex S says:

    So recently the last massage therapist left (Suzie) and a new member came in Deana. And of course the nervousness was there and didn’t know what to expect coming into new hands. But I couldn’t be happier with new member. She was OUTSTANDING AND AMAZING. Got into new pressure points and spots I hadn’t before. And even introduced new elements to the impecable massages I was already getting. Hands down a great replacement and a great addition to an already amazing team! 10/10

  33. Vladimir R says:

    El Dr. Marco es un gran doctor siempre con el mejor interés de ayudar, no tan solo a sus pacientes sino a todas las personas que el conozca, sin interés en recibir nada a cambio. Es un gran ser humano. Gracias por toda su ayuda!!

  34. Vitor L Mantovani says:

    The massage was good. With that being said DON’T PURCHASE THIS DEAL! The clinic will not honor all that’s promised! All 3 people in my group got the 60 min massage shortened by almost half of the time and none of us got our adjustments because the doctor “would like to see some X-rays first.” Which would be fine if specified before hand. Worst Groupon I ever purchased!

  35. Nkechi K says:

    This was the absolute best massage and chiropractic treatment I have ever received! The staff were so kind and truly awesome and the service was unbeatable. The doctor was very knowledgeable and used a number of chiropractic techniques to help me feel my best! Thank you so much Carrollton chiropractic for the opportunity to experience your care!

  36. Art D says:

    Dr. Mark rocks. I love the massages and the adjustments allow me to live comfortably.

  37. Julio R says:

    Been with Dr. Mark for at about 2 years now (at least monthly), and my back issues have never come back. Very genuinely cares for the well being of his patients, and goes the extra mile. Front office is always awesome, and great that they send a text reminder the day before…for those busy people like myself. Massage Therapist works wonders with her hands, so be sure to get a massage there as well…you will keep coming back for more.

  38. Jeanne R Jordan says:

    Dr. Mark is very nice but he’s not very good. I didn’t realize how much he wasn’t doing until I went to someone else. Dr. Mark could never get my neck to pop. My new chiropractor gets my neck to pop each time. There were several places on my back that Dr. Mark would try to pop. Sometimes it would pop and sometimes it wouldn’t pop. When it didn’t pop he would just say ‘good’ and keep going. That’s the same thing he does when it does

  39. Jose R says:

    En particular a mi me ayudó mucho.. tenía dolor de espalda.. muy buen doctor. La amabilidad desde k llegas se hace notar.. lo más importante es que hablan español y puede entenderte en tu idioma..

  40. La Patrick S says:

    Great, consistent, friendly service.

  41. Joan S says:

    Great service.

  42. Jason C says:

    I always have a pleasant experience at Carrollton Chiropractic. I have a demanding job and it takes a toll on my body. The staff knows what to do and how to work out the kinks. I would recommend anyone having issues with their current chiro to give Carrollton Chiro a shot. Cheers!

  43. Steve M says:

    Thorough, friendly

  44. Herlinda G says:

    Staff are very caring. They let you know exactly what’s going to happen before hand. Great place!

  45. Glen G says:

    Good team here.

  46. Olga L C says:

    Does a good job and is a good doctor. I am very happy with the sessions.

  47. Mirna L says:

    The message therapist was amazing. She took care of me. She showed how to handle my back condition so I can actually get a good night’s sleep.

  48. Karen B says:

    Great massage and adjustment from Dr Scott. I’m so glad I was referred to this office by a friend. I will be going back every 3 weeks which is covered by insurance. Great staff!

  49. Lisamarie C says:

    Loved it and very different but in a good way. I will continue going back!!

  50. Bobby W says:

    Dr. Mark keeps me in line! Office staff are jewels! Highly recommended!!!