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October 12, 2017 | 77 Comments

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  1. Jaimee M says:

    Very friendly atmosphere and people.

  2. Paola O says:

    Good service

  3. Kathleen B says:

    Great care from personally invested doc.

  4. Chris E says:

    Always had positive experiences with my treatment! Very helpful!

  5. Natalie R says:

    Excellent like home atmosphere, convince of coming even if appointment is not made . Right next to my home .quite and clean place . And the most importantly doctor has an easy hand ,coming with pain ,leaving with all fixed up .

  6. Will K says:

    The staff is wonderful and the care is amazing!

  7. Kathleen B says:

    I’ve been using their services since they opened…treating chronic back pain with cate and professionalism.

  8. Christina K says:

    I’ve known Dr. Mark & his wife for years – I even attended their wedding. They are some of the kindest people I know and are not at all the type of people would steal anything. I read the 1 star review Carrollton Chiropractic received and was very shocked by the allegations. I have a really hard time believing that they copied the logo as one reviewer claimed. In fact, I asked him about her review. Among other things, he told me she wasn’t even a patient! I took my son to him last year when he began complaining of back pain. D. Mark gave him a very thorough checkup & he sent us for x-rays. My son felt relief after only a few visits & adjustments. He’s been away at college & hasn’t been back in a year, but has been feeling great. Only recently he had some back pain, so we took advantage of his being home for summer to pop in for an adjustment & massage which was very helpful. Don’t let the bad review deter you. If you are looking for a good, affordable Chiropractor, this is a great place!

  9. Desirea M says:

    Amazing relief! I’m so thankful for the service and treatment I received during my visit. I will definitely be going back for continued treatment!

  10. Ray S says:


  11. Desirea M says:

    Another great visit! Never had relieve like this!

  12. Desirea M says:

    Only 2 visits in to my treatments for lower back/ hip pain and I feel amazing! This is the place to go for great personalized treatment at an affordable rate! You will not be disappointed if you chose Carrollton Chiropractic & Massage!

  13. Paula O says:

    Good service

  14. Jesvin S says:

    Amazing customer service, very professional and highly skilled in thr area of expertise

  15. Debb R says:

    Dr. Mark and his staff are some of the most genuine and nicest folks you will ever meet. They are always very professional, caring and accommodating. I am extremely happy with my treatments. I would recommend Carrollton Chiropractic to anyone suffering with pain or just needing a good adjustment. I am a Christian and was thrilled to hear Christian music in the office and treatment rooms.

  16. Miguel D says:

    Very professional and kind staff

  17. Alfonso D L C says:

    First time with a Chiropractic after a long time. We are still working in my situation, but I felt positive changes in the first sessions.Good service, I was attended on time, friendly staff.

  18. Danielle T says:

    Nice office …

  19. Charlotte G says:

    Love Dr Mark!!

  20. Joseph G says:

    Very good. Good relief in pain. Works very well.

  21. Christopher L says:

    It was great! I need to come this week as well!

  22. Ernesto R says:

    Dr mark very good person answer all my questions í recomend this quiropractor for all you needs

  23. Steven K says:

    On time Listened to my problems Very professional in his approach

  24. Scott W Prosek says:

    Massage was ok. Nothing spectacular.

  25. Miko L says:

    Wow wow just amazing experience and loved the nice people and massage (amazing) and then the chiropractor was great too. I will soo be back here!!!!

  26. Kim L says:

    Really great customized massage!!! One of the best I’ve had!!!