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March 6, 2020 | 286 Comments

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  1. Jaimee M says:

    Very friendly atmosphere and people.

  2. Paola O says:

    Good service

  3. Kathleen B says:

    Great care from personally invested doc.

  4. Chris E says:

    Always had positive experiences with my treatment! Very helpful!

  5. Natalie R says:

    Excellent like home atmosphere, convince of coming even if appointment is not made . Right next to my home .quite and clean place . And the most importantly doctor has an easy hand ,coming with pain ,leaving with all fixed up .

  6. Kathleen B says:

    I’ve been using their services since they opened…treating chronic back pain with cate and professionalism.

  7. Christina K says:

    I’ve known Dr. Mark & his wife for years – I even attended their wedding. They are some of the kindest people I know and are not at all the type of people would steal anything. I read the 1 star review Carrollton Chiropractic received and was very shocked by the allegations. I have a really hard time believing that they copied the logo as one reviewer claimed. In fact, I asked him about her review. Among other things, he told me she wasn’t even a patient! I took my son to him last year when he began complaining of back pain. D. Mark gave him a very thorough checkup & he sent us for x-rays. My son felt relief after only a few visits & adjustments. He’s been away at college & hasn’t been back in a year, but has been feeling great. Only recently he had some back pain, so we took advantage of his being home for summer to pop in for an adjustment & massage which was very helpful. Don’t let the bad review deter you. If you are looking for a good, affordable Chiropractor, this is a great place!

  8. Will K says:

    The staff is wonderful and the care is amazing!

  9. Desirea M says:

    Amazing relief! I’m so thankful for the service and treatment I received during my visit. I will definitely be going back for continued treatment!

  10. Ray S says:


  11. Desirea M says:

    Another great visit! Never had relieve like this!

  12. Desirea M says:

    Only 2 visits in to my treatments for lower back/ hip pain and I feel amazing! This is the place to go for great personalized treatment at an affordable rate! You will not be disappointed if you chose Carrollton Chiropractic & Massage!

  13. Paula O says:

    Good service

  14. Jesvin S says:

    Amazing customer service, very professional and highly skilled in thr area of expertise

  15. Debb R says:

    Dr. Mark and his staff are some of the most genuine and nicest folks you will ever meet. They are always very professional, caring and accommodating. I am extremely happy with my treatments. I would recommend Carrollton Chiropractic to anyone suffering with pain or just needing a good adjustment. I am a Christian and was thrilled to hear Christian music in the office and treatment rooms.

  16. Miguel D says:

    Very professional and kind staff

  17. Alfonso D L C says:

    First time with a Chiropractic after a long time. We are still working in my situation, but I felt positive changes in the first sessions.Good service, I was attended on time, friendly staff.

  18. Danielle T says:

    Nice office …

  19. Charlotte G says:

    Love Dr Mark!!

  20. Joseph G says:

    Very good. Good relief in pain. Works very well.

  21. Christopher L says:

    It was great! I need to come this week as well!

  22. Ernesto R says:

    Dr mark very good person answer all my questions í recomend this quiropractor for all you needs

  23. Steven K says:

    On time Listened to my problems Very professional in his approach

  24. Massage was ok. Nothing spectacular.

  25. Miko L says:

    Wow wow just amazing experience and loved the nice people and massage (amazing) and then the chiropractor was great too. I will soo be back here!!!!

  26. Massage was okay. Need softer headrests on table, was hard on face.

  27. Kim L says:

    Really great customized massage!!! One of the best I’ve had!!!

  28. Jasmyne B says:

    My boyfriend got me an hour massage Groupon from this place, and it was the best experience I’ve had! I used to work for massage envy and had high expectations for a massage place, and this definitely beat them. My massage therapist was concerned on my problem areas, and worked exactly what I asked him too. Will definitely return and recommend !!

  29. Everything was so nice from the front desk to the massage bed had the best massage ever highly recommend

  30. Shalen S says:

    Absolutely amazing massage!

  31. Chip D says:

    Highly recommended. Super friendly. Replies in a timely manner.

  32. Ashanti C says:

    It was the perfect massage and reflexology combo. The reflexologist was patient thorough and use the right amount of pressure. This place was clean, the office staff was friendly and I will definitely return.

  33. My primary areas, back of neck and shoulders didn’t really feel no change… and not enough lotion or message cream used during the message. I specifically selected a 90min in hopes of relief from neck and shoulder pains.

  34. Ivonne G says:

    I had a strain on my ankle and had been hurting for like three months. The massage they gave me really helped a lot.

  35. Anna M says:

    The massage was the best ever. She was knowledgable on where my problems where and how to fix them! First adjustment ever it was good! Easy scheduling and quick.

  36. Nan E says:

    Great first time foot reflexology experience. Very professional and will consider returning.

  37. Nilcely S says:

    Me encanta todo el trato, todos son muy profesionales la masajista es excelente!! El quiropractico es increíble. Les doy un 100%

  38. April P says:

    My experience was wonderful. I had a reflexology experience and I always appreciate the care that goes into taking care of my feet!

  39. Michael W says:

    It was great and I would come back when I’m back in town.

  40. Kade W says:

    Everything was awesome.

  41. Cody W says:

    Really liked the reflexology!

  42. Shrikant G says:

    Good place to get a nice massage

  43. Delema K says:

    I threw my back out on Sat before Christmas and made my first appointment on Thursday after Christmas for a massage and adjustment, the massage was amazing, he asked where my problem areas were and concentrated on loosening my back muscles for almost the entire hour. Dr. Mark then did my exam and adjustment sending me for xrays the next day. I have now had five visits and my back is getting better. Highly recommend this office, plus you can schedule and cancel appointments via text which helps if you are delayed due to meetings at work.

  44. Ruben P says:

    Me parecio excelente el trato hacia uno de paciente todo muy profecional y eficiente.

  45. Brenda B says:

    I felt it helped my feet and body a lot. I will go back

  46. TÄMÏŁ WÏŃD[தழிழ்காற்று] says:


  47. Susan T says:

    I had a very agressive massage and my back muscles hurt for 7 days after the massage. I have had a headache down the back of my head and into my shoulder since I left your facility. The fact that your front desk person requested a copy of my drivers license also concerns me.

  48. Maria Valdez says:

    Susan T.

    Yes. We DID ask for ID because we ARE a doctor’s office and NOT a grocery store. If you go to ANY doctor’s office, they WILL ask for ID. It is procedure.

    We have been nothing less than friendly to you despite the fact that you exhibited racial intolerance and xenophobia to our staff because of their ethnic backgrounds.

    We don’t take kindly to people who tell our staff to “go back to where you came from.” There is no room for racial insensitivity here.

    If you knew that our staff was made up of “colored” people, why did you come here? Perhaps a doctor’s office made up of white people would be to your satisfaction.