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October 12, 2018 | 229 Comments

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  1. Christan A says:

    My feet felt like they were in heaven.

  2. Duane S says:

    Very helpful, as always!

  3. Lynette F H says:

    They took good care of me, there was no waiting, and the massage/reflexology session was relaxing and effective. John, the massage ‘artist’ told me to make sure and let him know if I needed him to change the amount of pressure. All in all, a very good experience!

  4. Ernest E says:

    Professional and attentively responsive to any pain level I wished not to exceed.

  5. Cherie Jo T says:

    Dr Mark is a very knowledgeable chiropractor. I know when I’m out of whack and need his services. He always takes care of my needs and doesn’t try to push me into more than I want. And in addition to his professionalism he is a very sweet guy. Great bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Mark to anyone needing chiropractic treatment.

  6. Jessica C says:

    Great experience. Very relaxing.

  7. Maria G says:

    I hurt my back lifting a sofa and I went to Dr Abrinica because I’m an old customer of Dr. Tignor, RIP, and Dr Abrinica is good at listening and providing the necessary treatment. It felt like a lot had to happen but my pain has eased away and I trust his treatments.

  8. Brent F says:

    Bought a session for my Girlfriend for her birthday, she liked it..

  9. Kenya N says:

    I was referred to this place by one of my friends and it was just what I needed. I really enjoyed my massage and the staff was awesome. Looking forward to my next visit,

  10. Andrea R says:

    I broke up with my chiropractor. I know that seems weird. I began with them on a Groupon and using insurance, but when my insurance plan changed, I was paying out of pocket. That out of pocket price kept rising until I finally said “adios” after several years and began looking for a new chiropractor. I guess since the doctor couldn’t gouge my insurance company anymore, he didn’t want me as a patient. He knows I am a teacher and at some point he’d reach a price beyond my budget. Bye bye RIVER OAKS. However, I will miss my massage therapist.

    I noticed that Carrollton Chiropractic was located right near my gym, so when I saw them on Groupon, I decided to give it a shot. When I called to setup the appointment, there was not a lot of availability after work hours or on Saturdays. The receptionist told me that she could possibly fit me in the following week at 8am and that she would have to speak to the massage therapist and call me back. The return phone call never came, so I stopped by the office and set it up. They were nice enough to accommodate me for an 8am Saturday appointment.

    My first impression of the place was that it was “ok”. Overall, it seems a little run down. The tables and equipment look old and worn. The whole place needs a fresh coat of paint. The waiting room was small. The patient care rooms were small. There was one large room with multiple massage tables and decompression machines. There were also multiple people in there getting treatments at one time. This was awkward for me. There was a random man staring at me the entire time I was in the decompression machine.

    The massage was great. The doctor was great.

  11. Toni B says:

    A little untraditional message

  12. Ahsan Z says:

    Best Place in DFW area.

  13. Jeanne H says:

    I’ve had therapeutic massages there before with a very skilled female masseuse. Had a man this time and it was an awkward massage that actually felt more like an extended back rub. Would not return for another appt with him.

  14. Arhonda M says:

    The massage I received from John was amazing. The spinal adjustment I received really helped my pain. I slept like a baby that night without waking during the night in pain and that’s something I haven’t done in quite sometime.

  15. Malana B says:

    The doctor was super friendly and informative. The massage therapist was extremely skilled. I scheduled my next appointment before leaving!!

  16. Very friendly staff.

  17. Sheri Lynn R says:

    John was wonderful. He got kinks out of my back and shoulder that no one else has been able to. I already have another appointment!

  18. Ratna V says:

    A great place for Reflexology and Back Massage. Helped my feet and lower back. Also I asked the masseuse for neck pain and the masseuse spent time on neck area.

  19. Pamela F says:

    There is no better place to go for reflexology than here. Amazing back and foot massage with immediate effects. Staff is freindly too.

  20. Excellent service, the treatment is very cordial and friendly, it leaves very relaxed from there, I am delighted, super recommended! Thank you!!

  21. Bonnie W K says:

    Absolutely FABULOUS. Massage and reflexology were wonderful. Never had reflexology before. Very impressive. I feel excellent afterwards. Didn’t fix everything, but feel WAY better. I highly recommend.

  22. Bonnie W K says:

    Totally AWESOME! Had never had reflexology before. Fabulous. I felt SOOOO good when I left. Will definitely use again, and again, and again.

  23. Amanda F says:

    No frills office, but friendly service and the therapist I believe his name was John , was professional and has magic hands.. it seemed to me his blend is an Asian/ Swedish definitely trained in more than just Swedish.. will be my go to place.

  24. Nickolas M says:

    Woke up with neck pain could not turn left. Called and got in within the hour. Dr mark got me a 30 min massage witch was wonderful. As well as seen me following he did some exams and listen to my chief complaint and gave me a much needed adjustment. He had some spray that works better than biofreze and or ice/hot. I left feeling much better than when I came in. Thanks to the entire staff.

  25. Kimberly L B says:

    As a first timer, I was anxious and nervous. My masseuse was patient and kind. I had pleasant experience.

  26. Min Min V says:

    Thank you John for the great massage. I will definitely come back and see you later.

  27. Diane R H says:

    John gave an excellent full body massage. First time he massaged with a sheet on me. Then he did a massage with cream. Then he placed hot towels on my back and massaged thru that. I really didn’t want the chiropractic part and told the doctor that. He then said I would have to pay $49 for the message. So I sat and filled out the paperwork. He had information on the walls and explained benefits

  28. Bought a back and reflexology combo massage and it was amazing! I left completely relaxed and feeling great. My shoulder was bothering me and after the massage it was much better. The staff is friendly and the place is super clean. Totally recommend it!

  29. Ruben P says:

    Excelente atención todo el personal es atento y cortes todas mis preguntas fueron contestadas el quiropráctico me explico a detalle cada paso de mi tratamiento de una forma sencilla y fácil de comprender excelente lo recomiendo 100.

  30. Sonia H says:

    Very professional and Dr. Mark will have you on cloud nine

  31. Barbara D C says:

    Really enjoyed the massage. Very thoughtful and considerate practitioner. I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated Thank You

  32. Sabza J says:

    Very well done , professional guys

  33. Sabza J says:

    Wonderful and calculated massage , felt very good after the massage

  34. Jessica L C says:

    The new massage therapist is FANTASTIC! Her technique is both relaxing and healing. As always, a very caring staff and a wonderful visit.

  35. Maria A says:

    The Dr., and all the staff are fabulous, they treat you as well as they want to be treated. Highly recommend this place!

  36. Selia G M says:

    The personnel was very friendly and professional. Nice clean clinic.

  37. Rita S says:

    If you are looking for completely therapeutic care and/or massage, Ithis place is highly recommended. I left with a healthier body and mind after receiving a 60-minute combination massage and reflexology, for an excellent price. Eastern-style, customized to your needs by a real expert in wholesome healthcare. PS: Don’t be discouraged by the location or looks of the office, as it is aalittle hard to find and pushed into a small corner within a strip mall of stores.

  38. Cresia W says:

    If you are looking for a great chiropractor look no further Dr. Mark and his staff is the greatest.

  39. Susan C says:

    Staff was very courteous . John was very professional & attentive to special pressure needs during the massage. I’ll be back!

  40. Martha O says:

    Good price and good service

  41. Doug G says:

    Awesome reflexology massage. I have already scheduled my next appointment!

  42. Rosa Cruz says:

    They were really helping on explaining the services and made me feel comfortable being there.

  43. Aston L says:

    Ann was amazing, very professional and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I feel so limber and relaxed

  44. Shelia M says:

    It was great really need it especially after treatments.

  45. Sheila H says:

    Deana was GREAT! I enjoyed my massage and reflexology. I will be coming back. Front Desk lady was professional.

  46. Dorothy S says:

    Very good experience. Would go back if I was not moving out of state

  47. Marilyn I says:

    I purchased my gift card from Groupon. It as well worth it. I as comfortable and relaxed. I can truly say the young gentleman knows how to make you feel relaxed. Thanks so much for a great experience. I will be returning.

  48. Brenda H says:

    Ann was great!