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October 12, 2017 | 169 Comments

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  1. Yifang L says:

    Very good experience.

  2. Susana R says:

    Great massage, with an excellent service. Highly recommended!

  3. Wanda C says:

    Great and attentive massage.

  4. Angel says:

    It was a great experience I got the hour long combo. Great relaxing message very nice!

  5. Umais Ahmed S says:

    It’s all good that’s it

  6. Basirat A says:

    Awesome and very professional

  7. Jyoti T says:

    Very good and professional, felt very relaxed !!

  8. Ernando T says:

    Dr. Mark was great, can’t say enough about him, he took me minutes after I injured my back at the gym and I felt 10 times better after I left there.

  9. Trecia M says:

    Very good massage and not a long wait… however the price on groupon is just the introductory price.

  10. Steven S says:

    Don’t go anywhere else, this place is the best!

  11. Jasmine R says:

    Wonderful experience!

  12. LaFrieda G says:

    The foot massage was real good.

  13. Art D says:

    I’ve suffered from back and hip issues for years and Dr. Mark’s adjustment along with the therapeutic massage has been the best.

  14. Jennifer T says:

    My appointment was easy to book and ran right on time. The massage therapist was excellent. I will look forward to booking another appointment here.

  15. Kortni B says:

    Anne gave me the best professional massage I have EVER had! I’ve already booked another. Everyone was very courteous as well. Highly recommended!

  16. Barbara S says:

    John was very polite and made sure I was comfortable. He used the right amount of pressure. The setting is very plain but quite sufficient. Something I had never seen before. . .he wiped the lotion off my feet with warm towels. Nice!

  17. John J says:

    Each time I go I am greeted in a very nice manner. They are happy to see me. I tell Mark where I have been hurting and he listens. When I leave I always feel better than when I walked in. I to was surprised to hear Christian music in the room. I have talked about this place when I talked to other people about back pain. Price is very reasonable and great staff.

  18. MZOfficerT says:

    John was excellent great Massage will be back this month. Very attentive and listened to my concerns and made me feel so much better! Definitely a superb massage experience!

  19. Rakesh K says:

    Very professional and detailed. Highly recommended!