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March 6, 2020 | 323 Comments

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  1. Vanessa S B says:

    This massage is amazing I’m definitely going back I recommend it to anyone very soothing take stress away

  2. Michelle M M says:

    I had the best massage of my life and they are very knowledgeable about their services in regards to insurance

  3. Jacqueline R B says:

    Great service, will definitely return.

  4. Pablo Garcia says:

    Excellent service, already booked my next appointment!

  5. Patti L V says:

    Foot massage was great John did an exceptional job, even massaged my hands

  6. Jennifer N E says:

    Very good

  7. Stephanie A C says:

    Absolutely great experience. My massage therapist was awesome. The staff was very professional and provided great customer service. I already planned my next massage.

  8. Sanjay R says:

    By far this has been the best back and feet massage I ever received. John is a great masseuse!

  9. Grayce R M says:

    I had the best massage experience today with my masseur. John was exceptionally great on how he massaged me. You can feel that he is passionate with what he does. I will definitely come back soon.

  10. Jay says:

    He did a good massage !!

  11. Heather R says:

    The massage was amazing and relaxing! Then the adjustment was the best I’ve had in the Dallas area. Mark the chiropractor was really informative and made sure I was educated on the spine and process of healing. I’ll definitely go back!!

  12. Justine G W says:

    Highly recommend.

  13. Michael H D says:

    Now I see why so many Asians and Hispanics go to see this clinic since the doctor is Asian and the staff speaks Spanish.

    He is very friendly and down-to-earth doctor.

    Once, I had a massage with their masseur who was amazing. I highly recommend their foot and back massage package.

  14. Heather R H says:

    The doctor educates you so much! He also looked over my X-rays very thoroughly, showing me areas of concern and exercises to help slow down spinal aging. Everything we went over explained different aches from my neck to hip so it was very cool to understand them from what’s going on in my body. We made a real treatment plan and I’m excited to take control of my overall wellness!
    Also, the staff is super nice and the massage therapist does amazing work like a calm and relaxing magic!

  15. Aderonke O S says:

    Straightforward easy. In and out! Great masseuse

  16. Nataly Escobar says:

    Great massage and adjustment just wish they would prepare your back with the roller before adjustment. Instead of doing it in cool body but the massage help before adjustment. Much thanks

  17. Julie Miller says:

    They are great! Hours are friendly. Reasonable prices. Go see them. I finally found a new chiropractic home and it’s close to home!

  18. In S S says:

    Chiropractor was great but massage therapy wasn’t good at all. I was actually regretted being there while when I was recieving massage.

  19. Rare M says:

    If You Are Looking For Friendly and Family Environment, This is definitely a great place to go! Chiropractor and physical therapist are both great and know what they are doing!!. I felt like new body after I left for just first visit. Will be going back from now on! Thanks!

  20. Robert J H says:

    Have been a client of DR. MARK since he took over for Tignor (RIP). He has saved my bacon more times than I can count. Today I met RYAN, his new masseur. WOW. She was awesome. Deep tissue massage on lower back and left hip. Hurt it three days ago running. Still sore, will be for a few more days. She has the touch. Deep elbows. She spent 1/2 hour getting into several areas. Have scheduled several more sessions for next week. Very personable, professional. Highly recommend. Always remember to tell her what you want. Deep, light, hard, softer. You’ll be pleased.

  21. Weldon B says:

    outstanding , efficient, caring people. have been a patient of dr. Mark for more than 5 years always get excellent service and Care would never think of going anyplace else

  22. Emily J F says:

    Very nice touch, very relaxing yet not a lot of pressure, pleasant experience. Highly recommend

  23. Judy A S says:

    Ann gave a very good massage. The Chiropractor took a lot of time to explain everything.

  24. Norman N M says:

    Feeling a lot better after my visit …

  25. Apsara A B says:

    Great Doctor, always so nice and welcoming! Thank you for an amazing service every time 🙂

  26. Ashley M K says:

    Awesome experience!!! Anne was great and really made my body feel so relaxed! Would go back!

  27. Pam F says:

    Ann is the best. You can close your eyes and relax while she work in your body and does the reflexology

  28. Lindsey says:

    Great experience!! Wonderful staff!! Great adjustment and massage! Only advice, be sure to clarify if you prefer adjustment before massage. Will definitely be going back!

  29. April says:

    Excellent service! I was given valuable information on my body issues and homework to help me keep it healthy! I will be back!!

  30. Deenar says:

    Excellent massage! Great customer ser

  31. Evelyn says:

    Excellent deep tissue massage and superb Chiropractic introduction, made additional appointments, you should go

  32. Emily says:

    Very nice back and foot massage. Will defininately return for another.

  33. Franklin says:

    Great reflexology massage. She hit all the right spot nice and hard! I didn’t want to walk after it was over and lose that heavenly feeling in my feet. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you for the few minutes of relaxation! 😁

  34. Jackqueline says:

    Easy to make appointment. I Was allowed 5 minutes to take off shoes and 5 minutes to put on shoes. Massage was very relaxing, although my heels and lower calves could have received more attention since that’s the area I needed messaged the most and that was the area that I mentioned to the staff.

  35. Brian says:

    Great combination

  36. Nadine says:

    I really enjoyed my back massage and reflexology! Inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend.

  37. Alex says:

    Good Massage

  38. Karen says:

    Great !!!

  39. Cheryl says:

    Good massage.

  40. Karen says:

    Great! Major relief from muscle tension and cramping!

  41. Dana says:

    Jason and Mark both are excellent! I enjoyed my treatment. Thanks so much and will come back.

  42. Bobby says:

    Very informative

  43. Tasha says:

    My husband loved it! Will definitely be back

  44. Aline says:

    Needed to find a chiro close to my niece’s (who lives with us) school for the flexibility in taking her out of school for adjustment treatments and also that would open on Saturdays. I ended up trying too.We were happy and impressed. Dr. Mark really did the best teaching w/ visuals of how our spine works in connection to our nerves and the rest of body.Left adjusted,aligned, relived & taller ha

  45. Svetlana says:

    Very nice! Thank you!

  46. Bart A S says:

    The best chiropractic services I have experienced. Dr Abrinica cares about your health and is great at explaining your treatment plan and why its recommended. I pay per visit, I didn’t feel like I was purchasing timeshare my first day. I’m sure the first consultation is case by case, but I was able to present my MRI and xray images the first visit, which he reviewed and developed a treatment plan immediately.

  47. Alexander N says:

    Dr. Mark is THE BEST chiropractor I’ve ever had! Very knowledgeable explains everything and has a really cool mellow attitude. He always fixes me right up when I need it. Plus I love that he’s one of the few chiropractors that’s open on Saturdays and even Sundays sometimes (rarely though but fact that he even does that sometimes is pretty awesome).

  48. Lina says:

    Chiro doc was good. Not the massage

  49. Laura says:

    Dr Mike was very informative and I was able to understand the details clearly. My Chiropractic Massage was nice and relaxing. It helped loosen my muscles around my problem areas before my adjustment.

  50. Ivette says:

    Very good service and they guy give me a excellent massage