C-1000 Cervical Decompression Device for neck pain

March 31, 2023 | 0 Comments

By Marco Abanico

Do you have neck pain? Do you have numbness or tingling going down either of your arms or hands? Is doing simple daily tasks such as pouring a pitcher of water cumbersome to you?

Have you been diagnosed with a bulging disc? A herniated disc? Degenerative disc disease? Cervicogenic headaches? Any form of headaches?

Have you been on spinal decompression machines that only irritate your neck such that when you leave, you feel worse than when you used the machine? Is surgery definitely out of the question?

We have the technology! The C-1000 Cervical Decompression Device is a spinal decompression tool made specifically for neck pain sufferers. No longer will you feel the pads digging into your neck when you use conventional decompression tables that are really meant for low back pain sufferers.

The C-1000 Cervical Decompression Device is a state of the art decompression tool used to treat any form of neck pain that causes numbness or tingling that prevents you from doing some of the simplest tasks such as holding a pencil or typing on a keyboard.

Take charge of your life today and get rid of neck pain right away with the C-1000 Cervical Decompression Device exclusively at Dr. Marco Abanico‘s office.

No other office in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex carries this technology.

Marco Abanico is a staff writer for DFWChiromassage Spine Blog and a chiropractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. He is a leading authority on how to relieve spine pain easily and naturally. His clinic has helped thousands of patients put an end to their neck and back pain. If you are considering surgery for neck pain relief or if other forms of treatment have not worked, CALL US.

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