Chiropractic Treatment Lowers Blood Pressure

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Chiropractic care helps to harmonize the natural system of the body by realigning the bones of the spine and removing congestion and pressure in the nervous system. This helps in reducing the physiological stress response and regains the healing and maximum functioning of the body. Chiropractic care has not only treated many health problems but has also helped a great deal in stabilizing the level of blood pressure.

Our nervous system helps our physiology in adapting to the demands and stresses of the external environment. The spine and skull helps in protecting the nervous system and bear the continuous stress of gravity each day. When the stress becomes too much, a compromise in the resulting interference and the spinal structure in the nervous system takes place. This interference is known as subluxation. Subluxation results in imbalance in the nervous system and sympathetic dominance as well. This increases inflammatory processes, blood vessel tone and hormone secretion. For many people, this also causes high blood pressure. Chiropractic treatment helps in removing these subluxations and regaining balance in the nervous system. This also helps the body in healing and stabilizing properly.

In a study that was carried out in 1988, 75 patients were involved to determine the effect of chiropractic treatment in stabilizing blood pressure. There were three groups of patients. One group received no treatment. Another group got placebos and the third group of patients with high blood pressure received chiropractic adjustments to the thoracic spine area. There was no change noticed in the first two groups whereas a considerable decrease in the diastolic and systolic pressure of the third group was noticed. This clearly shows that chiropractic has the power to help with blood pressure.

High blood pressure can be controlled to a great degree by a special chiropractic adjustment to the upper cervical area. Studies reveal that chiropractic procedure provides the effect of two pressure medications given together. There are no side effects as this is a natural method of treatment. Since this treatment method is natural, there is no need of going for medicines and drugs since they can only provide temporary solutions. If you want permanent solution to your problem, then you should go for chiropractic treatment. The problem of pressure is very common with many people. If you are one of those who have high blood pressure and want a solution to it, then you should consult your chiropractor soon.

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