UPS worker gets satisfying Y-strap adjustment and full spinal adjustment

December 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

UPS workers gets satisfying Y-strap chiropractic adjustment

This woman who works as a UPS worker finds relief with a Y-strap spinal decompression service and a full spine adjustment.

We get tons of patients who seek wellness with us with our Y-strap spinal decompression service.

The Y-strap adjustment is a treatment that will open up joint spaces in the neck, upper back, AND low back. This treatment is indicated for people who carry a lot of weight on their spines; i.e. obese individuals, construction workers, factory production workers, people with a standing job such as postal service workers or anybody who engages in heavy lifting at their job.

Call or text Dr. Marco Abanico for an appointment on our scheduling hotline at 513-580-4930 and see if the Y-strap spinal decompression adjustment can benefit you.

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