Why are personal injury clinics found in the ghetto?

March 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

It sounds like a sterotypical question, but in reality, it is not.

It is not just personal injury chiropractic clinics that are found in lower socio-economic communities.  In fact, you’ll find other businesses in those same locations which include businesses such as bail bondsman offices, coin-operated laundromats, dollar stores, mom-and-pop convenience stores, mom-and-pop restaurants, criminal defense law offices, and thrift stores.

There is simply a demand for the products or services that these businesses offer in lower socio-economic locations.

If you think about it, more crimes occur in such neighborhoods, more traffic accidents occur there, and so too are there more apartment complexes whose residents require the use of coin-operated laundromats.  Similarly, construction workers, people with standing jobs, dock workers, factory workers, and janitors require the use of our services simply because they need their bodies to work a physical job and can’t take drugs if they are to be around heavy machinery.

When was the last time you see a bail bondsman office in an upscale part of town?

Whether you are rich or poor, black or white, green or purple, or from the planet Mars, we are here to serve you.  If you have a spine, we will take good care of it.

Marco Abanico is a staff writer for DFWChiromassage Spine Blog and a chiropractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. He is a leading authority on how to relieve spine pain easily and naturally. His clinic has helped thousands of patients put an end to their neck and back pain. If you are considering surgery for neck pain relief or if other forms of treatment have not worked, CALL US and ask us about our $40 exam and first treatment special at 513-580-4930 or logon to DFWChiroMassage Spine Blog.

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